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all served with fries

Panini with Cheese


Panini with Vegetables


Panini with Chicken


Panini with Meatballs


Selection of Tapas (pick any 3)   70Dhr

Berber omelette, marinated olives, merguez sausage, meatballs in tomato sauce, potatoes dauphinoise, pepper with tuna stuffing, vegetable salad. 

Falafels   60Dhr

Our home-made Falafels are served with a fresh harissa tomato sauce (vegan)


Briouats   60Dhr

Our authentic Moroccan filo pastries, filled with spinach and cheese or vegetables (vegetarian).

Stuffed Peppers   85Dhr

Roasted peppers, stuffed with potatoes, feta cheese and pesto. (vegetarian).

Chicken Skewers   80Dhr

Marinated and tender chicken breast, freshly grilled. Served with fries or vegetables.


Chicken Wrap   70Dhr

Grilled marinated chicken breast, cool tomatoes and smooth avocado, all wrapped together and served with fries. An unbeatable combination.


The Moorish Burger   70Dhr

A vegetarian dish, with delicious mozzarella cheese, crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside, cooked to perfection and served with fries (vegetarian).


Classic Burger   80Dhr

Try our homemade juicy beef and chopped coriander burger, 

with cheese and tomato, served with fries.

Chicken Burger   80Dhr

Delicious chicken pieces, with cheese and tomato, served with fries.

Chicken Pastilla   80Dhr

An iconic dish: chicken pieces, cooked with aromatic spices and wrapped in a filo pastry.

Beef Skewers   105Dhr

Locally sourced beef, marinated and grilled to perfection. Served with fries or vegetables.

Chicken lemon tagine   95Dhr

Succulent chicken, slow cooked with lemons, olives and herbs. Served with fries or vegetables.

Meatball tagine   90Dhr

Beef meatballs and eggs cooked in tomato sauce, served with fresh bread.

Berber vegetable tagine   80Dhr

Delicious vegetable and potato stew fresh and delicious.

Marrakech tanjia   120Dhr

A slow-cooked Marrakshi dish of tender pieces of beef, spices and herbs. Served with fries or vegetables.

Chicken or vegetable couscous   90Dhr

Aromatic chicken or vegetables served on a bed of semolina.


Harira Soup or Gazpacho   50Dhr

Always vegetarian and meticulously prepared.

The Moorish Ceasar salad   70Dhr

Our signature salad, healthy and well-balanced, with crispy chicken, seasonal greens, orange and parmesan shavings.

The Greek salad   70Dhr

A tasty and refreshing salad, made with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta cheese and peppers (vegetarian).

The Quinoa salad   70Dhr

A healthy option with steamed quinoa, vegetables, mango, crunchy seeds and the quintessential Argan oil (vegan).

The Nicoise salad   70Dhr

Another healthy option with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, eggs and tuna. 


Pasta of the day   65Dhr

Spaghetti pasta, served with a different fresh sauce each day.


Ice cream (2 scoops)  40Dhr

Choice of Chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, lemon or strawberry sorbet.

Patisserie Cakes  40Dhr

Indulgent cakes delivered daily.

Panna Cotta  40Dhr

Made in house in limited numbers.

Brownies or Tiramisu  40Dhr

Made in house in limited numbers.



Fresh orange or cucumber juice   30Dhr


Seasonal fruit smoothie   30Dhr


Soft Drinks   20Dhr

Coke, Sprite etc.


Bottled Water (small)   10Dhr

Still or sparkling


Bottled Water (large)   20Dhr

Still or sparkling


Beer (non alcoholic)   50Dhr


Mint Tea

(traditional or "on ice")


Verveine Tea/ Green Tea/ Chamomile Tea


English Tea (with or without milk)



Espresso 20Dhr

Moroccan Spiced Coffee 25Dhr

Americano 25Dhr

Cappuccino 25Dhr

Latte 25Dhr

Café Mocha 30Dhr

Hot Chocolate



Frappe coffee 35Dhr

(A Greek iced coffee drink -shaken, not stirred)

Freddo Espresso 30Dhr

(Ice espresso) (A double espresso shot over ice)

Freddo Cappuccino 35Dhr

(Ice Cappuccino) (A double espresso shot over ice and topped with milk)

Affogato coffee 35Dhr

 (A shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

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